Hampshire council’s inadequate children’s home must improve

The Hampshire County Council- run home cares for three vulnerable children and was first told it demanded to ameliorate after an Ofsted examination in August.

A child smokes cannabis in the home, Ofsted said, and although it’s passing less frequently than in the summer it isn’t” constantly managed”.The council said staff are” working hard” to make advancements at the home.It was rated outstanding in 2018 but drooped to the nethermost grading before this time.

Following a visit last month inspectors said threat operation” remains weak” and staff aren’t handed with” detailed strategies to reduce threat”They set up children” engage well” and recording is good but no follow-up action means any progress” drifts and is short- term”.

The home has not had a listed director since June 2021.directors and staff at the home have been working hard to insure full compliance with Ofsted’s conditions and are fleetly making progress to address the particular issues stressed by the inspector following the most recent visit,” a Hampshire County Council prophet said.

Our precedence is to give a settled and stable home for youthful people who, through no fault of their own, frequently have relatively grueling behaviours.We’re confident that on the Inspector’s return visit, the advancements will be clear to see, and the home’s grading will return to good.”

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