Kulfi- The Delicious Indian Dessert

You need a magnifying glass to find one person who doesn’t love ice cream. If you want to search the history of inventing ice cream, you have to go to countries like Italy, Switzerland or Germany. But, there is a different version of ice cream in the South East Asian countries which is immensely popular worldwide and that is known as Kulfi. Today, you enjoy different types of kulfis; but do you know the origin of this cold dessert? Get a glass of kulfi in your hand and travel with us to find the history of this amazing dessert.



According to old beliefs, the Himalayan people used to have frozen dessert, made of cow milk, ice or snow, and several other ingredients. Later, during the Mughal Empire, the Mughals tasted this old form of the desert and loved it. They transported this to Delhi and make it richer and creamier by adding condensed milk, pistachios, cashews, and saffron. By this, kulfi got its flavour, colour, and better taste. The word ‘kulfi’ is derived from a Persian word that means ‘covered cup’. It is said that the recipe of kulfi was taken to Italy by Marco Polo.

Is Kulfi and Ice Cream Similar?

This is the first question that comes to mind of foodies. If you have tasted both, you will feel the difference. Ice cream is the fluffy version of kulfi, you can say. Many people think kulfi is made of whipped ice cream as it is quite dense. But, that’s not true. There are certain differences between these two most lovable desserts-

·        There is less air in kulfi than ice cream.

·        In case of kulfi, milk and cream are more concentrated.

·        As kulfi is denser than ice cream, it melts slowly.

These are the differences that make kulfi a completely Asian dessert. The countries, where kulfi is immensely popular are, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Myanmar, and Nepal.

Types of Kulfi

Many of you have childhood memories of buying kulfi from street vendors while returning from school. That smell of cardamom, the taste of coconut, etc. can make you go nostalgic. The ‘Matka Kulfi’ in a covered earthen pot with a red cloth will only make you love the dessert even more. Today, there are lots of different types of kulfis you can have at restaurants or ice cream parlour.

1.      Mango Kulfi

Though it is seasonal, mango kulfi can increase your love for mango many times. There are many vendors who use mango essence. Instead of those, if you go to any famous restaurants and have mango kulfi, made of real mango pulp, you will never forget it.

2.      Chocolate Kulfi

Any dessert made of chocolate increases the taste of it a lot. You can try chocolate kulfis which melt in your mouth and leave awesome test on your palate. If you haven’t tasted it yet, try it.

Today, the kulfi makers are experimenting in different ways and inventing kulfis with a unique taste. Trying all can be an amazing experience.

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